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Most Popular Origami

These are currently our most popular origami:

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Origami Paper

We use standard size 6 inch x 6 inch (15cm x 15cm) square origami paper for this site unless stated otherwise. If you can, use different types of origami paper to change the look of the finished origami and have fun with it!


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Origami Base Folds

The Origami base folds are often the foundation or starting point of origami projects. Therefore, these are important folds to learn and master. No problem, we have that covered here!


These origami bases are the foundation of many origami models.
Origami Bases

Origami Bird Base

Origami Blintz Base or Cushion Fold

Origami Boat Base

Origami Diamond Base

Origami Fish Base

Origami Frog Base

Origami Helmet Base

Origami Hexagon Base

Origami Kite Base

Origami Organ Base

Origami Pattern Base

Origami Pentagon Base

Origami Pig Base

Origami Pinwheel Base

Origami Square Base

Origami Table Base

Origami Waterbomb Base or Balloon Base



These basic folds will be referred to now and then since many of the origami projects begin with one of these basic folds.

Origami Basic Folds

Origami Book Fold and Cupboard Fold

Origami Inside Reverse Fold and Outside Reverse Fold

Origami Petal Fold

Origami Sink Fold

Origami Squash Fold

Origami Triangle Fold or Shawl Fold or Diaper Fold

Origami Valley Fold and Mountain Fold



Origami Technique


Divide Paper into Thirds

Divide Paper into Fifths

Divide Paper into US Dollar Bill proportions


Below is what one reader had to say about origami base folds:

- I really enjoy your site. After I studied and made all of the origami base folds I was finally able to really understand what I was doing. I always wanted to learn origami but the few times in my life that I tried I could not understand the instructions. Learning how to make the base folds on your site changed my way of thinking and doing! Suddenly I understood. Finally I am able to fold origami animals and whatever I want. Thank you for taking the time and effort to make this website possible. You have offered a little bit of joy to me and I am happy to receive it!(March 2011)